À propos de l’entreprise

MHR1 - the company

Our vision

To enable anyone to leverage their money effectively by creating a portfolio of income producing, stable, centrally located properties with attractive returns from day one. The company is accompanied by an experienced team with many years of experience and part of which has been with us for 13 years. 

The team combines professionals with rich experience in income-producing property investments and financial services experts. The team has a wide network of local operating partners in West Germany, including contractors, professional consultants, lawyers, accountants and bankers. The company’s managers have extensive experience in yielding real estate investments and specialize in raising bonds in the Israeli capital market. Among other things, they have been managing a yielding asset portfolio in West Germany for over 15 years in the cities of Cologne, Hannover, Dortmund, Saarbrucken, Frankfurt.

mhr1 team

Management and founding partners

Tzach Hermon

Co-founder and CEO
One of the founders of the US holding company USA1 LLC US investment manager specializing in Multi Family complexes Director of the School for Real Estate Entrepreneurship in the field Industrial and Management Engineer, Technio, Haifa MBA from Tel Aviv University increase in exports being among the main factors contributing to the positive growth rate.

Yagil Manovitz

Co-founder and CEO
Co-founder of Hashmira Capital Markets (together with Shoval M.), which has been active in the capital market and the real estate industry since 2002 A partner in a portfolio of income-producing properties in Germany totaling 260 million euros Partner in leading bond issues in the amount of 1.5 billion NIS BA in Management and Economics at Ramat Gan college

Shoval Manovitz

Chairman of the Investments Committee
The credit manager for the metal industry at the head office of Bank Hapoalim CEO of Russia and Ukraine, a member of the “Tosum International” Group Director of the capital raising division of Alvar MBA (B.sc) in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University

Annual Investor Conference

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